Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Winter Reading

I// Minxy Vintage - This book I got out from the library, and from it I've learn't all about how and where to spot authentic vintage clothing, sewing tips, how to customize vintage clothing and about the different style trends from each decade. I LOVE it!


2// Australian Gardening Calendar- This little book will answer some of the most common questions about timing your garden. Wether it is taking cuttings, planting trees or dividing perennials you can find it in here, as well as a monthly guide to when to plant different types of vegetable and flower depending on which part of Australia you live in.

3// The Little Prince - This little cutie I picked up at a garage sale, I don't quite understand what it is saying (I think it is in french) but the pictures are adorable!!!

What have you been reading this Winter?
Izzy xox


  1. Its always so odd to see Austailia having winter when its boiling hot summer here! I adore the little prince xx

    1. I acctually just got back from a freazing winter in Canada and before I went there I had another Australian winter. So I have had to wait two years for Summer to come back around!!! Can't wait :)

  2. Wow stumbled across your blog and loving it!

    I also happened to come across the Minxy Vintage fashion book in the library one time. Isn't it great? Her looks and vintage finds are just so adorable!



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