Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Costless Wildflower Bouquet

I was riding down my street on my bike this morning and noticed all of the beautiful wildflowers that I was passing. I gathered up a hole bunch and took them back home to make a miniature wildflower bouquet.

 What you need...

-A small cleaned re-used food Jar
- An assortment of local wildflowers

Notice that I added some pop of colour with the bright yellow buttercups. I also used lots of soft purple and red. Then I chose some delicate whites to lighten the mixture...

Next, I gathered up the flowers in a random assortment...

I usually add a small leaf to finish it off.

Then I popped it in the Jar with a little water, so simple...

And that's it! Totally cost free and such a cute little project for spring :) It's looking so cute in my window nook sitting on a little doily.
Izzy xoxo


  1. Wonderful. And so springy and beautiful. Sure smells like heaven too.

  2. These are such pretty projects, they would make for a great table centerpiece.

    1. And the best part is that it doesn't cost a thing! Have a lovely day,

  3. GORGEOUS! Wild flowers are my favorite. :)

  4. I always love wildflowers and I always pluck them. It's little things like this that makes me happy :)

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! I really love wildflowers, but you've picked some stunning ones there!

  6. It looks fantastic! These kinds of bouquets are my favorite!

  7. Hi Izzy! I am your new reader and this is my first time to visit and read your blog.
    I really love your blog! Seriously! <3
    The posts, the designs, everything! <3
    I'd love to heard your reply! ;)


  8. i wish i had this many wild flowers around!

  9. Bouquets with wild flowers are my favourite, I always bring one home when I'm on a walk. :)

  10. Such a pretty arrangement of flowers, and such a pretty blog as well!

  11. your photos are so pretty! thing is, i don't think i have such lovely wildflowers where i live... :(

  12. this is so cute! just like your blog - i just found it and i'm loving everything already :) excited to be your newest follower! now i'm off to find myself a field of wildflowers :)


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