Thursday, 12 April 2012

Silver Chevron Nails

- scissors
- two colours of nail polish
- sticky tape

Firstly, I painted my first colour. This can be any colour you like but I choose just a shiny clear coat.

Next I cut my tape like the above photo, it's pretty straight forward :)

Once my first coat had dried I carefully placed the two tape pieces in the place I wanted them on my nails.

Then, painted on my silver :)

Remove the tape and your done!!
Izz xox


  1. Just letting you know, your blog is the cutest! It looks so well put together!! :)

    - Erin

  2. Ohh, love this! I've recently started to get into painting different things on my nails. If you don't already read her blog, The Dainty Squid has awesome nail art tutorials. Defo going to try this one out though! Neat blog, came across if through Miss Kait Online.


  3. Love it! I wish I could do that, but every time I start painting my nails even one color, everything goes wrong and I end up with paint all over my fingers. Any tips?


  4. Beautiful! Very superhero chic! =)

  5. Thanks for all the lovely notes, ladies!!

  6. I love the way the chevron looks on nails! I'll definitely be trying this soon.
    Can I just say I think your blog is just the cutest? The background and header is SO freakin' cute! :D

    xo, Samantha


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