Monday, 17 March 2014

DIY: Hi Res Desktop Collages

I've lately been obsessed with personalising pretty much everything and creating cute backgrounds for my computer and phone. My style is constantly changing and I'm always being inspired from my favourite site Pinterest! You can keep up to date with what I've been pinning here
Here's a recent collage I have made and am using for a desktop background...

To make one for yourself here is a quick little DIY...
First find a heap of inspiring, cute, pretty or dreamy images that you just love. you can find them through tumblr, we heart it, pinterest or where-ever you prefer. Save them all into a folder on your computer.
Next just go to Pic Monkey and choose collage...

Then choose one of the square layouts, you can resize and delete the individual boxes but you cant add them so I tend to pic the 25 square one...

Simply auto fill all of your photos into the box or you can individually choose the order.

You can also adjust the dimensions to fit your computer's screen (or phone screen). Bellow are the dimensions I used for a Macbook Pro 13-Inch.

Resize and play around with the layout, get creative and then save your masterpiece. 

I really love this website as it is so quick and simple and most of all easy to use! Hope you all enjoy and remember to follow me on Pinterest :) Have a lovely day!

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